4 Fun Flooring Ideas For Your Kids' Room

Does it feel like your kids are hanging out at home and in their rooms more these days? This is the perfect time to update or remodel elements of their room — like the floors. After all, many kids enjoy lounging, sitting, and laying on the floor of their room.

Give your kids' room a fresh makeover with these fun flooring ideas:

1. Cool Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl floor graphics are a good way to give your kids' room a new look, while also concealing any flaws, damage, or problem areas on the subfloor. Make sure that you apply your vinyl graphics to floor surfaces that are clean and completely dry for the best results. Try taping the graphic in place first and taking a closer look from all areas of the room before removing the vinyl graphic's adhesive backing.  

Contact a company like DCM Inc. to learn more about vinyl floor graphics. 

2. Clever Cork Flooring

Another fun idea is to use cork flooring as it is a soft and slightly squishy surface. Cork cleans easily and will not stain if you promptly address spills. Kids will enjoy the comfort that cork provides when they sit or lie on the floor itself.

3. Quirky Carpet Patchwork

Another fun and practical solution for your kids' floor is to create a patchwork style carpet from rug sample tiles; the cost and comfort make carpeting a great option for kids' rooms. Try to choose or buy samples that are approximately the same thickness, unless you have a distinct pattern or idea in mind that requires varying depths and textures. If you prefer something completely cohesive, consider purchasing carpet tiles from flooring and rug retailers to easily install in your children's room on your own.

4. Resilient Rubber Flooring

For something different, talk to a flooring contractor about rubber flooring. The surface is soft and forgiving, but strong and stain-resistant, too. Rubber floors are hypoallergenic so they are particularly suited to homes where members may have sensitivities or allergies, and they offer a shock-absorbent quality that will keep kids safe when playing, jumping, and running around their room.

Know that rubber floors are cleaned similarly to any vinyl or hardwood flooring. Dry rubber floors promptly after spills or washing to prevent loosening and compromising the rubber floor adhesive used during installation.

From rubber floors to carpet samples, these are durable and comfortable floors that will hold up to the toll that children can place on flooring. Consider these four ideas to refresh and redo your kids' rooms! 

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