Two Tips To Help Maximize The Battery Life In Your Drone

If you own a drone, you know that they can provide you with hours of fun. It can be incredibly thrilling to take your drone out and watch as it flies through the air. Drones with image capturing capabilities are even more exciting. You can capture pictures and video footage from an angle that you just wouldn't have been able to have access to before. However, a common problem that some drone owners experience involves the batteries. It may seem that the batteries in your drone don't seem to last very long and you need to know what to do. Following the steps listed below can be the key to extending the life of your drone batteries:

Charge Your Battery Just Before Takeoff

When you've found the perfect spot and can't wait to get some cool aerial footage, the last thing you want to do is watch as your drone comes falling to the ground because the battery has died. It can completely ruin your session and could even possibly cause damage to the drone itself.

You can keep these types of things from happening by knowing when it is the optimal time to charge up the battery. Although you might reason that since you charged up the battery a few days ago, it should be all set, you must understand that freshly charged batteries tend to perform better than ones that are carrying an older charge. When you are planning to take the drone out for a flight, charge it up just before the event. 

Also, If you aren't going to be taking the drone out for a few days or weeks, don't overtax the battery by fully charging it. Aim toward keeping it at approximately the halfway mark at all times and only charge the battery completely when you plan to use it.

Use Those Flight Modes

Many drones come equipped with a feature that lets you choose which flight mode to operate it in. Unless you're aiming at getting footage that whizzes by very quickly, there's really no reason to keep the device in the turbocharged mode. Keep your drone in the lowest possible setting so that the charge isn't used up so quickly.

The more you're able to conserve your battery, the longer you get to enjoy the pleasures of operating your drone. Using these tips is the key to keeping that battery at the level where you need it to be.

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