Four Things You Need To Know About 3D Pens

If you are ready to add an extra level of depth to your drawings, consider adding a 3D pen to your collection of art supplies. A 3D pen lets you turn your two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional works of art. Here are a few things that you need to know about owning and operating a 3D pen.

1. 3D Pens Do Not Use Ink

Despite the name, 3D ink pens do not use ink. Instead, you have to load your 3D pen with plastic filaments. The pen then uses heat to soften the plastic so that you can write with it.

Plastic filament comes in a multitude of different colors. When you are ready to use a new hue, just remove the current filament and insert the filament of your desired of color. Most 3D pen owners find the plastic filaments to be very affordable.

2. You Can Use 3D Ink Pens on Any Surface

An advantage of the 3D ink pen is that it works on nearly every type of surface. Some of the surfaces that you can write on with a 3D pen include:

  • Paper
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Styrofoam

This versatility lets you incorporate a 3D pen into practically any hobby or craft. You can use it to add texture or create a complete three-dimensional figure.

3. 3D Ink Pens Require Some Type of Power Source

You must have a power source in order to operate a 3D ink pen. The exact type of power source varies depending on the model of your pen. 

Some 3D pens require that you connect them to a laptop or computer using a USB cord. Others connect to a power brick that comes with the pen. This type of 3D pen must be plugged in in order to write.

Other models of 3D pens run off of rechargeable batteries. When the battery gets low, you have to plug the pen into its charger and wait for it to recharge before you use it again.

4. It Takes Some Practice to Master Using a 3D Ink Pen

Drawing with a 3D ink pen is not the same as drawing with a regular pen and pencil. Some 3D pen users compare the writing process to operating a glue gun. As you draw, you have to take into account the form that you are trying to create and what you are trying to accomplish.

Drawing a flat, three-dimensional line with a 3D pen is relatively simple, but using the pen to draw a three-dimensional figure requires a bit more practice. Contact a company, like Flax Pen To Paper, for more help.

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